Meraki Healing, Therapy and Wellbeing Covid Policy

This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly.

It has been put together to assure clients, the public and myself that I am taking all necessary precautions to help protect you and myself from contracting covid-19 and minimising risks to the best of my ability.

You, the client, are at the heart of everything I do but I also have a responsibility to our families, friends and the wider public.

• I will carry out a risk assessment before any in-person session. Due to having less than 5 members of staff (and in accordance to the Government Guidelines) I do not have to write down the risk assessment.

• All equipment will be wiped down and/or freshly laundered prior to the beginning of each session.

• Please do not attend if you have been unwell or been in contact with someone diagnosed with or experiencing symptoms of covid-19 before the session. Please let me know if you need to cancel for this reason. You will receive a full refund.

Please arrive on time, as there are no waiting facilities at present. Please do not arrive late, as this infringes on the cleaning time between clients.

• Please shower before arrival.

• I will not take bookings from anyone vulnerable or at greater risk of complications should they contract covid-19 or who cares for someone vulnerable or at greater risk of complications.

• FOR CUDDLE THERAPY ONLY Please bring a spare set of clothes and change on arrival. It is important to change back to your travel clothes following the session and before you leave the venue. Please bring a plastic bag to put your clothes into for the session and to take them home to wash afterwards.

• I would advise that on your way home please don’t stop at family or friends but proceed home for a shower first.

• If you have long hair please tie it back.

• Face masks covering the mouth and nose must be worn for the duration of the session.

• Please refrain from touching your face after washing it. If you do please wash your hands again.

• Please bring your own drink of water/flask. This is extremely important for massages or Reiki!

• If you need to cough or sneeze please do so into the crook of your elbow. If you sneeze /cough into a hanky or your hand please wash them thoroughly immediately afterwards.

• If possible, all fees will be paid electronically (no cash taken).

I understand that these procedures rely on trust between myself and you, the client, but together we can make this work.

Cuddle Therapy Code of Conduct

Client and practitioner both verify that they are at least 18 years of age.

Client and practitioner both agree to be free from any mind-altering substances during the sessions and are thereby fully able to give consent.

Client agrees to fully disclose any diagnoses or conditions that may affect their session to the practitioner.

Client and practitioner both agree to practice consent and attention to personal boundaries at all times.

Client and practitioner will communicate to find what is mutually comfortable throughout each session. This applies to all communication prior to and after sessions as well.

This is a strictly platonic service. Client and practitioner both agree to not pursue or encourage sexual arousal.

Client and practitioner both agree to remain clothed the entire session. Minimum clothing of a tank top and shorts to mid-thigh for both client and practitioner at all times. Undergarments do not constitute as sufficient clothing. If either party needs to change clothing this will be done in private and out of sight of the other party.

No hand to genital or breast contact. No touching in areas covered by undergarments.

No intentional genital stimulation of any kind.

No exchanging of saliva in any way.

Client and practitioner both agree to respectful personal hygiene.

Client confidentiality is to be respected at all times.

Either client or practitioner may end the session at any time.

Cuddle Therapy Health And Safety Declaration And Disclaimer

• Cuddle Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

• It is not suitable for everyone and if you have a pre existing medical condition please consult your gp before coming along to a session.

• It is contra-indicated for people with major psychiatric disorders.

• The client accepts full responsibility for their physical and psychological well-being at all times during a Cuddle Therapy session. The Cuddle Therapist is not liable for any incidents, loss or injuries as a result of the Cuddle session.

• The Cuddle Therapist reserves the right to carry a non-lethal personal defence device at all times and to use it should the Cuddle Therapist feel at personal risk.

• You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during the Cuddle session.

• You must disclose any health issues, physical or emotional, with the Cuddle Therapist prior to the session.

• Kissing is prohibited.

• Cuddle Therapy sessions are strictly non-sexual. A client must not ask for, conduct or infer any sexual intimacy or touching during the session. Should this occur the Cuddle Therapist will immediately terminate the session without refund of fees.

• The Cuddle session is client led so a client has the right to change a cuddle position or stop the Cuddle session at time and as often as they want.

• On this note, if the client should feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable at any point during the session then they should inform the Cuddle Therapist.

• The Cuddle Therapist has the right to terminate the session at any point if they feel at risk or if they interpret the actions of the client as inappropriate or unprofessional.

• Please take extra care with personal hygiene and avoid the use of strong perfumes, aftershaves, body creams etc

• The Cuddle Therapist reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to refuse entry to or ask to leave any client not following these rules

• The Cuddle Therapist has a designated person to contact within 15 minutes following the end of a session. This is a safety precaution for the Cuddle Therapist.

• Wear loose, comfortable clothing or pyjamas. No shorts or tank tops or any item of clothing that exposes an excessive amount of skin. Both Client and Cuddle Therapist must remain fully clothed at all times.

• If you have any questions, or concerns please speak with you Cuddle Therapist before or during the session.

• Cuddle Therapy can bring up many emotions – both tears and laughter are possible and are perfectly normal.

• This document serves as a legally binding contract. I have carefully read and agree to all terms, conditions and statements

General Privacy Policy

All personal details supplied to Nadine Stone will be kept strictly confidential.

Nadine Stone will not share, sell, loan or release your personal details to any individual, group, organisation or business.

Your medical/health information will only be disclosed in the event of a medical emergency to medical/emergency professionals only.

Your personal contact details will be used by Nadine Stone to supply you with additional information regarding your Therapy session.

Photography and videography is not permitted during a Therapy session without prior written permission of Nadine Stone.

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