A Very Basic Look At Chakras

Chakras are the energy points in your body. They resonate with a set colour and spin. When they are spinning as they should do, you feel great! When they are not, you feel physically and emotionally down. You may start to get ill. Reiki uses the Universal Life Source to remove all the negative energy slowing down or blocking your Chakras and replaces it with positive energy, allowing your Chakras to spin again. Grounding - When you are not grounded, you feel as if you are not actually 'here' and you find it hard to make decisions. The best way to ground yourself, is to stand your bare feet on grass. Take a swim in the sea sea. Add sea salt to your bath. Eat food that grows in nature ie fruit and veg. Do a grounding meditation regularly.

Root - When your Root is blocked, its usually due to past trauma and major changes that have set you off your life path. Grounding yourself can help unblock this Chakra, as well as carrying a Red Jasper crystal with you or meditate on the colour red.

Sacral - This Chakra can block when there are problems in your relationships with your family, loved ones or people around you and when you are not connected to yourself. If you have a low or non-existant sex drive, this Chakra will be blocked. Reminding yourself who you are, your likes and dislikes can help. As well as forging good, positive connections with the people in your life. Exploring your sexuality (alone if necessary!) will help increase your libido, as well as focussing on 'connecting' with your partner and not just sex. Carry some Carnelian with you or meditate on the colour orange.

Solar Plexus - This Chakra closes when your self-confidence is low and your anxiety and depression levels are high. Living in the present helps with the anxiety and depression. Place notes by your mirror to remind you of good things about yourself ie I have pretty eyes or I make beautiful children. Find some empowering Mantras to repeat daily. Say YES to anything that you want to do, but the thought of doing so scares the life out of you. Live your life without fear! Carry some Yellow Citrine with you or meditate on the colour yellow.

Heart - This Chakra closes if you dont release your emotions or if you are stopping yourself from loving again. To open your Heart, love unconditionally. Hug the people around you. Recognise, feel and release your emotions. Start a journal and write down everything in your head. Carry Green Aventurine with you or meditate on the colour green.

Throat - This Chakra blocks when you are not Speaking Your Truth and avoiding confrontations. Stop biting your tongue and stand up for yourself. Learn to say the word 'No' with no explation. Scream into a cushion or into the wind. Release pent up emotions. Carry Blue Lace Agate with your or meditate on the colour blue.

Third-Eye - This Chakra closes when you are not listening to your Inner Self. Listen to and act on your intuition. Explore your spirituality, faith or belief. Carry Amethyst with you or meditate on the colour purple.

Crown - This Chakra connects you with the Universe. If its blocked, you loose your faith and your reason for being here. If ANY of the other Chakras are blocked, this one will be too. Carry Clear Quartz with you or meditate on the colour white. Work at clearing all the other Chakras to unblock this one.

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